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Is it more correct to write globalization or globalisation?

There are a number of Latin-derived words in English with such a suffix, for example, realize/realise, recognizing/recognising or organization/organisation. While some assume that the -iz variant is simply the American version, in fact, this variant has also appeared in texts written in the traditions of British English since the 15th century. For example, the Oxford English Dictionary recommends using -iz-, giving -is- as an alternative. Oxford University Press and Oxford Guide to English Usage also employ the -iz- spelling variant. Supporters of -is-, on the other hand, include for example, the BBC and Cambridge University Press. Although the -iz generally tends to predominate in the scientific register of English, the -is- variant is also widely used in articles by authors from Ireland, Australia, India and New Zealand, as well as Great Britain. 
Thus, when choosing the spelling of words containing -iz-/-is-, it is better to be guided by the requirements of a particular publisher or the style specified by this journal (e.g., APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.)
In any case, while either spelling option may be chosen, it is more important to ensure its consistency within the text. At the same time, it must be remembered that, with some words, only one spelling is possible (for example, “analysis” and “advertise” are invariant in both versions of the language). 
The specialists of the Laboratory for Scientific Translation request that authors express any preferences regarding stylistic options, including the choice of British or American English, or simply state the journal to which the manuscript is to be submitted. We will undertake all the necessary work!