Useful materials from the Laboratory for Scientific Translation

Why should I publish articles in English if the requirements for publications in WoS and Scopus journals have been discontinued? 

For Russian researchers who formerly published articles in English only to achieve scientific indicators, it is good news that this burden has been lifted! Nevertheless, many scientists choose to present their results in English not merely out of a desire to get additional points. Scientific knowledge is built up from the smallest “bricks” of information obtained in different parts of the world. Generally, it is thanks to the description of their content in scientific papers in a language accessible to specialists in different countries that the existence of these units of knowledge is discovered by others working in the same field. Today, English is just such an interlanguage: it is often the language that Brazilians use to communicate with their Chinese counterparts – and Indians with Russians. The existence of a special variety of English used in science is even noted – international English. Therefore, despite the era of geopolitical cataclysms in which we are obliged to work, the process of knowledge creation must go on.