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Can you help with the design of a list of references?

Different journals and publishing houses do indeed use various styles of bibliographic representation of sources both in the reference lists and in-line with the text. Since some of these styles are unified, they can be formatted using bibliographic managers (EndNote, Zotero, etc.). However, the situation is complicated by the fact that some publishers create their own (in-house) styles. As a result, authors may experience difficulties, for example, when their article has been rejected by one journal and is sent for consideration in another. In some fields (for example, biomedical sciences), editors try to agree among themselves on the use of a single reference format. Such attempts, however, come into conflict with issues connected to the publishers' corporate identity. Therefore, it is likely that the present profusion of design styles will continue for the foreseeable future. 
The specialists of the Laboratory for Scientific Translation will help you to conform both the in-text links and the reference list in your article to the desired format. The cost of formatting one reference along with its verification (by doi, etc.) is 40 rubles – or 800 rubles for 1 translation page.