Our Team
Translators and Editors
of the Laboratory for Scientific Translation
Founder and Head of the Laboratory for Scientific Translation
Natalia Gennadievna Popova
Thomas Alexander Beavitt
Translator and Head of the English Editing Section
PhD (Sociology), Senior Researcher
Editor of an international scientific journal
Scopus Expert
Ambassador of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) in Russia
Member of Russian and international professional associations
Author of scientific publications and textbooks on academic writing

More information can be found at Natalia Popova's personal ORCID page https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7856-5413

Professional editor of English-language scientific texts, native English speaker

Researcher, author of scientific publications

Specialist in the field of poetic and literary translation

More information can be found at Thomas Beavitt's personal ORCID page https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3391-2167
Contact person

Email: perevod@nauka-perevod.ru или ivo05@mail.ru
Inna Vasilievna Otradnova
Secretary of the Laboratory

  • Evgeniia Romanova
    Cand. Sci. (Philology), PhD
  • Daria Kiseleva
    Cand. Sci. (Geology and Mineralogy)
  • Mariia Streletckaia
    MS (Chemical Technology), PhD student (Mineralogy and Crystallography)
  • Natalia Koptiaeva
    MS (Linguistics), PhD student (Political Linguistics)
  • Anna Oveshkova
    Cand. Sci. (Philology)
  • Natalia Zotova
    Cand. Sci. (Biology)
  • Elena Letova
    Cand. Sci. (Chemistry)
  • Elena Boguslavskaia
    Cand. Sci. (Philology)
  • Ekaterina Biricheva
    Cand. Sci. (Philosophy)
  • Ian Moiseenko
    PhD student (Political Studies)
  • Anastasia Stošić
    PhD (Chemistry)
  • Svetlana Remizova
    MS (Psychology), MS (Linguistics)
  • Yulia Komissarova
    MS (Linguistics), Translation Studies
  • Natalia Mezina
    MS (Linguistics), Linguistic editor

Tveritina str., 38/2, office 3, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
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