The Laboratory for Scientific Translation

The Laboratory for Scientific Translation specialises in high-quality linguistic translation and editing of texts in the fields of science and higher education, including scientific papers, monographs, dissertations, books, patents, textbooks, as well as personal websites of scientists and websites of scientific journals. Our main working languages are Russian and English.

All of our specialists are active scientific researchers, many holding PhD degrees in relevant fields of knowledge. This level of expertise ensures the highest quality of translation with full immersion in the specifics of the field, attention to terminology and accuracy of wording. Our scientific translators work in professional tandem with linguistic editors in order to increase the clarity of the presentation and bring the text to the highest contemporary standards of written scientific communication

Important and actively developing areas of activity include the training of scientific translators and editors and expert evaluation of published scientific texts, as well as providing various academic consulting services. More
Our partners
Since the foundation of the Laboratory for Scientific Translation in 2012, our partners have included major Russian and international publishing houses (Ural Federal University, MIREA - Russian Technological University, Moscow State University, Irkutsk State Technical University, Springer Nature, Elsevier, etc.), scientific journals, as well as individual authors of scientific papers.
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We will respond promptly to all your questions concerning the preparation of your text for publication in Russian or English, including communication with editors and revision following reviewers' comments!

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