Pricing Policy
of the Laboratory for Scientific Translation

Quoted prices are indicative: the cost of a specific work is determined by mutual agreement.

Prices are given per one translation page consisting of 1,800 characters including spaces
Prices given in Russian rubles can be converted into other currencies, including cryptocurrency. Please enquire.

of English Level
Professional Level
Scientific translation from Russian into English
2,000 ₽
1,500 ₽
Scientific translation from English into Russian
1,200–1,400 ₽
Linguistic editing (proofreading)
1,100 ₽
850 ₽
Scientific editing (significant language and content improvement) of an English text
1,700 ₽
1,300 ₽
Scientific editing (significant language and content improvement) of a Russian text
1,300 ₽
Design of bibliography and in-text references
45 ₽ per item in the Reference List
Online consultations on any questions of editing and translation
1,700 ₽/hour
1,700 ₽/hour
Expert evaluation, training and consultancy services
by agreement
by agreement
Indicated prices include all applicable taxes and fees

Stages of Working with Your Text
You select the service you need and send an request via the form on the website or by e-mail
Our specialist analyses your materials, prepares a proposal and contacts you to discuss the details and conclude a contract.
Execution of Work
We translate / edit your materials and, if necessary, assist in applying for the publication of a scientific article in the desired publication.
Order Complete
You can receive your order in our Laboratory. Payment can made in the most convenient way: bank transfer, cash, bank card, crypto. It is possible to pay from grant funds. Contact us with your documentation requirements.
Follow-up and Modification
We assist authors in writing a cover letter to the editor. After receiving the review, we will respond to the reviewers' comments and carry out necessary changes to the text (within reasonable limits) at no additional cost.
We are ready to accompany your article at all stages of the publication process, including communication with editors and reviewers

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